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Increase your upper back strength and flexibility in this 20-minute yoga practice! If you have a tight and stiff upper back from working at a computer or phone, driving, poor posture, or from working out, this video will help to relieve tension and build strength in order to prevent a tight upper back in the future.

This 20-minute yoga stretch incorporates lots of upper back strengthening poses such as Dolphin Plank and Dolphin Pose, High Planks, and Baby Cobra. We also do lots of poses to stretch away any tightness from the upper back such as Cat Pose, Downward Facing Dog, Cow-Face Pose, and Locust Pose.

Make sure to include this video as part of your workout and stretching routine to keep upper back tightness away, release stress, and improve your posture!


▶️ Deep Stretch Back:
▶️ Deep Stretch Hips:
▶️ Deep Stretch Shoulders:
▶️ Yoga for Better Posture:
▶️ Yoga for the Back and Spine:

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