Yoga Tip #12

Susan says:

“I’m a grandma who has two gorgeous granddaughters who enjoy practicing yoga. However, I’ve had a hernia repair and I’m not allowed to do yoga because I have mesh in my abdomen muscles just below my stomach.

So how do I lead a two year old and a four year old in their yoga? They can look at the cards for the poses I daren’t do, I could show them the card and perhaps help that way. Any ideas gratefully received.”

In this video, I talk about:

1) Honoring our bodies and being okay with not being able to practice the physical postures.

2) Getting curious about what the children are interested in, connecting with your children to see which aspects of yoga they would like to engage in, and getting creative how to bring the yoga practice to both you and your children, even if you have an injury.

For more resources for teaching kids yoga, see:

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Giselle Shardlow



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