*Lean into the simplicity instead of chasing the complexity of the postures*
If you are looking to strengthen your muscles and work on balancing, then this class is for you! This is a level 2 practice and focuses on easeful transition from one pose to another.

WARNING: Get ready to move and breathe!

This class starts out on our back with stretches to open the hips, outer gluteus and introduces twists. Sequencing progresses as we begin to build heat in our body with a Sun Salutation A flow with chaturangas.

The Sun Salutation B breaks down Garudasana Eagle Pose with a transition into Warrior 3 and Standing splits. The gluteus are being activated and strengthened as you are supported in balancing on one leg. This practice is a guided moving meditation and alignment and breathe are both heavily cued.

The peak posture of class is learning smooth transitions from one posture to the next with an ending of balancing on one leg into tree pose. The secret to balancing is activating the core and focusing on one point in front of you.

If you’re ready to build strength in your body and find balance both on and off the mat then grab your mat and let’s practice together!



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