Ultimate Guide To Healing Back Pain

The Benefits of doing this short sequence (it’s less than 10′) regularly is that you will feel your back come alive, and your posture will improve. [if you can’t see the video click here]

As you practice it, you will have a powerful and elegant stance every time you enter a room.You will even breathe easier and have a more centered attitude no matter what happens. People will wonder what you are doing to exude so much confidence. And the reason why is because the supportive muscles and tissues that nurture your back will be at their optimum level of function.

It is an easy-to follow sequence that can not only prevent back pain, BUT also, a go-to routine if you ever wake up with low back pain.

And it is recommended by doctors who have been studying alternative ways to prevent and heal back pain for over 60 years (like Dr. McKenzie, Dr Sarno and the Mayo Clinic) –

You will hear in the video who recommends what…

And these poses recommended by doctors have been refined by yoga for millennia.

So you get the best of both worlds… The three to five thousand years of yoga research, and the thousands of years of medicine and science research.

I recently wrote the post: 11 Ways To Prevent and Heal Back Pain – I highly recommend you read that too, as it is a perfect companion to this practice.



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