Xn8 Sports Yoga Foam Massage Roller 5 in 1

COMPLETE 5-IN-1 FOAM ROLLER SET: Featuring a High Density EVA foam roller, a muscle roller stick, a lacrosse massage ball, a spiky massage ball and a zippered carry bag with adjustable strap for easy storage, you have everything you need to help you get the most out of your rolling sessions.
18″ WIDE HIGH DENSITY EVA FOAM ROLLER: With Industry-standard 5.5-inch (12.8cm) in diameter and 18″ (45.8cm) in length, it fits across your entire back or both legs and provides a surface that is convenient and optimized for the rolling experience. The durable PVC inner tube keeps the hardness and shape when frequently used. Handles up to 350 pounds (158kg).

17″ HIGH QUALITY MUSCLE ROLLER STICK: This muscle roller stick is good for accelerating muscle recovery and dispersing the effects of lactic acid.

2 TYPE OF MASSAGE BALLS: Soft Spiky massage ball stimulates acupressure points in your hands, feet and body while firm lacrosse ball can dig deep into those hard-to-reach spots providing different levels of stimulation according to your preference.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Satisfaction assured, no questions asked full refund policy. Reach out to us if you have questions regarding guidance of using our products or are unsatisfied with our products. We’ll always happy to help within 24 hours.

Product Descriptions:
Concave and concave floating point design can better massage our body parts deeper and deeper, so that our blood can be better circulated.
The product is light in weight easy to carry and clean.
This product set can massage multiple parts; choose different massage equipment according to different parts, to meet your various needs, convenient and practical.

Suitable for yoga enthusiasts, spine health care and prevention groups, people of all ages, can be used in gyms, yoga studios, schools, homes, etc., very convenient.

Suitable for use in a variety of occasions such as the field, high usability.
The set is mainly made up of yoga column (18 in/45.8cm and 5 in /12.8 cm) massage stick (17 in, 14.3 cm), fascia ball diameter (2.5 in /6.5 cm), Spiky ball diameter (3 in/ 7.7 cm) composition, a black cloth bag.
Hard Foam Roller

Lie on the floor and place the foam roller underneath where your body. Then roll backward and forwards for a few minutes.

The impact can be felt straight away. Just go with the flow of your body. Slowly your body will ask for more and more.

Rolling out sore areas helps break up fascia, the network of tissue that connects muscles.

This will allow you to be more flexible, increase range of motion and help your tight muscles recover from strenuous workouts.

This process of myocardial release also speeds up muscle recovery so you can be fully ready sooner then you can imagine.

Massage Stick and Massage Balls
They each play a unique role in the equation. Some of our graphics shed some light on the use. Release Muscle knots and ease off pain.
They can reach to the exact point on the body and challenges the core, promoting strength and balance.

Can increase flexibility and range of motion, such as stretching and bending exercises.

Massage Ball – PVC
Massage Ball – Diameter 2.4″
Muscle Roller Stick – Length 18″
Muscle Roller Stick – PVC+AS+SS
Material: Foam Roller – EVA+PVC
Size: Foam Roller – Length 18″ Diameter 4.3″
Suitable for the season: spring, summer, autumn and winter
Exercise area: Neck, spine, buttocks, arms, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, etc.

Applicable places: Gym, yoga studio, school, office, living room, hospital, nursing home and other rehabilitation training places
Applicable people: Yoga enthusiasts, spine health care and prevention groups, people of all age, students, company employees, cerebral palsy, hemiplegia and other sports disorders

1*Foam roller
1*Muscle roller stick
2*Massage balls
1*Portable bag

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