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Nude yoga is usually practiced as a solo pursuit, although more and more nude yoga classes are being created in many places in the world. It’s all part of a cultural movement known as naturism. Naturism promulgates the practice, and advocacy, of personal and social nudity, which may occur in private settings and/or in more public locations.

Synchronized naked yoga adds another dimension to the beauty and evolution of human movement. Similar to its swimming counterpart, synchronized yoga provides the viewer with eye-pleasing occasions full of skill and artistry. It also allows the development of poses for practitioners by providing a secondary force to the different types of stretches.

The ladies in this video go through several of the well-known yoga poses, as well as adding other postures that have been created specifically for the synchronization. We feel very fortunate in being allowed to film them, and we are pleased to be able to present them here for public viewing.




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