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Just a few metres below Godangbong Peak is a tiny shrine. Legend has it that around 450 years ago a woman turned to Buddhism following a falure of her marriage. She dedicated her life to the management of Beomeosa Temple, collecting alms and preaching Buddhism to the people. Shortly before she died, she left a will to the chief Buddhist monk that said “When I die, please cremate my body and build a shrine for the Gomoyeongsin goddess under Godangbong Peak and hold ritual for her. I will become a guardian spirit to help and protect Beomeosa Temple”. The monk fulfilled her wish by building the shrine and Beomeosa prospered over the centuries. To this day people pray at the shrine hoping for blessings and there are official rituals taking place annually. We’ll combine daily yoga and hiking with deep discussions, reflection, intention setting and meditation based on themes in the book. Bring your dog-eared and underlined personal copy if you have one! Otherwise, we’ll have a fresh copy waiting for you in your goodie bag.



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