Get your blood flowing with this short yoga sequence for the office. Just like when you are traveling by plane or by car for hours, it’s important for you pregnant yogis to periodically get up at your office and get moving.

Not only is movement important for your circulation, it can also help relieve some soreness and discomfort common in pregnancy, like lower back pain.

In this sequence, we’ll start with some stretching at your desk and then get up to do a bit of stretching and strengthening at the wall with lunges, heel lifts and tree pose, or vrksasana. You don’t need any props, it’s probably just a good idea to take off high heels if you are wearing them.

Make sure you flow with your own pace, moving with the rhythm of your own breath. Take breaks when you need them, coming out of the pose and maybe finding a seat.

And before getting started with prenatal yoga, please check with your doctor to make sure that it is right for you.



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