The scientifically-proven Andiappan Yoga Therapy Series for Easy Pregnancy is now available in DVD. This instructional DVD features simplse asanas designed to aid in natural birth and address pregnancy-related complications, such as back pain, hormonal disorders, nausea and spasms, etc.

Watch a clear introduction by Guruji Asana Andiappan on how yoga promotes easy delivery among pregnant women through different poses and breathing techniques for each trimester.

Learn from demonstrations of simple yoga poses by Dr. Lakshmi Andiappan, along with explanations by Guruji on the steps to execute the poses, some practical tips, and each pose’s benefits. Relaxation, breathing, meditation and Yogic Cleansing techniques are also included, as well as yogic diet tips and yoga practice Do’s and Don’ts during pregnancy.

This DVD is a product of Guruji Andiappan’s vision to spread yoga and make it available to every common man, and is thus sold at no profit. It is specially produced to harness an effective yoga practice during pregnancy until the day of delivery, and made for home practice.



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