Wide belly, bigger boobs and swollen ankles!

It can be hard to connect with your body when it looks and feels so different. Baby is literally taking up more space and you might feel like your body has turned against you.

This practice will offer all the “feel good” moves to get you out of discomfort and end with a meditation that will ground you and offer you the opportunity to re-establish a positive and healthy bond with your body.

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“What really is yoga therapy?” I describe yoga therapy as the integration and adaptation of yogic principles and practices to the western medical model. It is the application of yogic techniques to specific and persistent physical, mental, and emotional ailments. Yoga therapy practices are designed specifically for the individual to help reduce symptoms, restore balance, and offer approachable tools to manage health conditions and facilitate healing. Above all, yoga therapy empowers people at any stage of life, to take control of their health.
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You must understand the inherent risk of physical injury associated with any physical exercise and/or therapeutic program.
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