I am Dr.Avani. Welcome to my channel PassionYoga.
This channel is all about fitness and Yoga.
Practically everything you do in yoga is engaging your core, from core-concentric poses to moving from pose to pose, using your core to stabilize your body. Yoga allows you to raise your heartbeat, strengthen your muscles, and lengthen them out all at once. Different schools of yoga yield different fitness and health benefits. On the fitness front, by and large, with yoga one can expect increased flexibility, toning, strengthening to a certain degree, meditation and breathing exercises.
Benefits of Power Yoga
1. Makes you active and keeps so whole day.
2. Helps you get rid of disorders like back pain, piles, heart problems and more.
3. Improves circulation leading to nutrition supply to the whole body and removes toxins.
4. Helps bowel movement to relieve constipation
5. Keep one cheerful and stress-free and also makes you resistant to stress causing factors.
6. Gives control over the body to the mind.

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