Choose the postnatal Yogea routine “Rebirthing the self” if you had a Cesarean birth. A calming meditation in child’s pose will elicit the parasympathetic nervous system response and the gentle massage of the hypothalamus will help you jump-start your hormones. The emphasis goes to strengthening the pelvic floor, soothing the aching neck and shoulders and boosting your endurance with a combination with abs toners and standing poses. Hip openers alternate with spinal twists, very gentle backbends are preceded by forward bends so you can boost your endurance, while promoting suppleness through all joints and tendons. Special seated spinal bound twists with an added core toning and arm-strengthening action help you zip the core, while elongating the sides of the waist and lengthening the sore calf muscles. Mild supine spinal rocking and hip opening takes you into a deep relaxation. A guided visualization helps you discover the healing resources of your body and mind to heal and rebirth the self.



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