Yoga Meditation - Relaxing Music
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Yoga today is being considered as one of the most effective alternatives to conventional medicine. It is known to work alone and in conjunction with the traditional treatment. This science behind Yoga is nearly 5000 years old and it has developed over the centuries to support and promote mental and physical health of a person.

Yoga meditation is an integral part of this ancient knowledge and it is gaining a vast popularity in the world. You can probably find people who have benefited from meditation, as well as those who have not. But, overall, the success rate of yoga meditation is relatively high. Practitioners have to learn the real meaning of yoga meditation so that they themselves are not misled and can attain actual goal-oriented benefits.

Yoga meditation means the ability to control the material senses and the mind. This is done by setting a focus on the energy that is within the body. From the birth, as a child grows, there are a many factors that are introduced into child’s mind (pride, envy, desires, lust, ego, etc.). The person’s mind becomes restless with all these anxieties and fears in the head. Yoga meditation works by calming down the mind, tapping into the energy inside the body.

What are the basic principles of yoga that we need to know and to adhere to?

The most important thing is to find a place where there are no outside disturbances. You have to know the correct posture to adopt so it’s best if you practice yoga meditation under a professional at least in the beginning till you are able to do it properly on your own. Once you have the place and the posture, then find a point on which to fix your mind.

With all this in place, start your meditation and try to control the mind, body and senses. A good posture is to hold your neck and head erect and stare at the tip of your nose steadily. Once the mind reaches a state of calm, then concentrate on the energy within and try to find a correlation with the whole cosmic creation.

This constant control over our mind, body and related activities helps the yogi’s mind to reach the highest goal possible in life – freeing yourself from your material existence. A state of trance is reached when the mind is completely free of all material activities and thoughts in the mind. At this point, the self is said to have transcended the finite world into boundless transcendental happiness.

Yoga meditation is not easy nor is it simple. One has to be prepared physically and mentally for the conditioning that it is going to provide to your mind. It means freedom from material connections and one has to be strong-minded enough to go through with it.


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