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Daily Laughers video #700. The mission of Daily Laughers is to inspire a million or more people to adopt a daily laughter practice because it is the least we can do for a healthier, happier, more peaceful world. Laugh of the Day videos have been posted every day since January 1, 2016. In the first year, thanks mostly to Skype, host Dave Berman featured guests from all 50 United States plus 54 other countries. In 2017 the videos continue while Dave is traveling the planet on the #HelpTheWorldLaugh tour. The videos feature demonstrations of laughter yoga exercises and stories of the impact laughter is having on people all over the world. The global laughter yoga movement for health, happiness and world peace was started in 1995 by Dr. Madan Kataria.

Today’s video:
Host: Dave Berman
Topic: Dave celebrates the milestone Laugh of the Day #700 video with a contest! Identify all 20 Laughter Yoga exercises in a comment on the Patreon thread below for a chance to win a free laughter coaching session with Dave, or a free download of Befriending Your Breath, Dave’s new three part audio series to help you be more present, effortlessly aware of your breath and laughing every day.
Comments on YouTube will not count for the contest, only comments here – Contest deadline is 12am GMT on December 4, 2017. After that date the correct list of exercises will be listed here.

UPDATE 12/4/17: Congratulations to Tamar for winning the contest. The correct list of exercises is:

1. Inspiration Laughter
2. Magic Laughter
3. Step into Peace Laughter
4. Hot Soup Laughter
5. Lion Laughter
6. Zipper Laughter
7. Smile String
8. Wi-Fi Laughter
9. Brain Washing
10. Mental Floss Laughter
11. Crying Laughter
12. Bag Pop
13. Where’s the Problem?
14. Sprinkler Laughter
15. Milkshake Laughter
16. Silent Laughter
17. Self Laughter
18. Fishing Laughter
19. Laughter Boxes
20. Doug Collins Impression

Dave Berman is the host of Daily Laughers. He is a coach, speaker, and co-author of “Laughter For the Health of It.” Visit for private and group sessions, talks, and lessons. Book orders within the US get free shipping.

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