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Welcome to this dynamic & strengthening class filmed a few years ago when I lived in Maui, Hawaii. It is heavily Geeta Iyengar inspired and has strong emphasis on 3 themes. The first is exploring how to create rock solid stability in balancing poses. The second is getting deeper into understanding the crucial broadening within the chest region. The third is the emphasis on Twistings within the sequencing to deeply ‘rinse’ the organs and spine. Rich with fascinating postural tweaks and excellent for those who are looking for precise pedagogical details. This teaching leads you on a journey through balancing poses, twists and more! With beautiful emphasis on the ascending and expanding energy of the chest, Standing and Balancing poses are followed by a cleansing series of Twists, interspersed with groin, hip and shoulders releasers, ending with Inversions and a guided Savasana. Made with love and the hope that sharing these details will support the progression of other yogis around the world. That we may all deepen our practice and raise vibration. x Cat P.S – as always I truly love love hearing from you so don’t be shy to tell me what you think.

Class Structure: Warm up, Balancings, Shoulders, Twists, Hips/Groins, Forward Bends, Twists, Standing Poses, Sirasana I and II, Sarvangasana I, Halasana, Karnapidasana, Savasana.

Note: If needed inversions can be replaced by Viparita Dandasana (legs up against the wall). Due to strong twistings this practice is inappropriate for menstruation.




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