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This workout is fast, easy and effective. A circuit workout of 3 exercises to tone and get those abs flat. For amazing results repeat the circuit 5 times.

The formula to get flat and toned abs is the following: Cardio training (2 or 3 times per week) + Strength training (2 or 3 times per week) + Healthy nutrition 85% of the time or more* (This is the most important of all) + Proper rest.

*I believe in healthy nutrition as a lifestyle choice, but you can cheat from time to time. The best option is to be always searching healthier ways of cheating 😛 For instance if you want something sweet, well go for it but choose wisely.

Actually if you apply the formula mentioned above you will tone your entire body, will look, and most importantly will feel amazing. The wellbeing feelings will be physical and mental.

I know all this sounds sometimes odd to do and to follow, but that’s the only way to achieve physical fitness.

Remember, keep it simple, you can achieve your goals one step at time!


SpeedyShape is the answer on how to get in shape and lose weight fast.

SpeedyShape is Fitness and Wellness Coaching.

SpeedyShape will help you to get in shape & lose weight fast, with the most effective cardio and strength workouts. Speedy will share with you the top easy strategies on how to get in the best shape of your life.

FORGET ABOUT THE DIETS. Speedy doesn’t believe in diets. Speedy believes on healthy lifestyle. That’s what you are going to get here SpeedyShape healthy lifestyle tips!

On you will find:
• Videos and tips on how to get in shape and lose weight fast;
• Cardio and strength workouts;
• Pilates and Yoga exercises routines;
• Warm-up and stretching routines;
• How to eat well to stay fit and lean;
• All Speedy wellness advises to enjoy a happy and healthy life!

SpeedyShape is more than exercise workouts and healthy eating, is a real body-mind transformation experience!



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