A healing Yoga session that focuses on your back. Here are ten postures to help relieve the back pain. These Yoga poses also help prevent back pain.
DISCLAIMER: Please consult your physician before beginning any Yoga or exercise program.
If you suffer from specific chronic conditions & injuries, it is best to discuss with your physician first. The techniques and suggestions presented in this video are not intended to substitute for proper medical advice.
It is best to assess your own physical limitations so you can safely practice Yogāsana without causing any harm. The use of any of the material found on this video is at your own risk. Heera Kulkarni, also known as Yogini Heera, assumes no responsibility for injuries suffered while practicing these techniques. By visiting this video, it is inferred that you have read, understood, acknowledged and consented to this disclaimer.
Shūbham Bhavatū!



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