How to Do Yoga Dolphin Pose – part of the women’s fitness video series by GeoBeats.

Hi, I’m Colleen, this is Brenna. We’re at Bend Yoga Studio and today we’re going to show you Dolphin Pose. So Brenna’s going to start on her shins and as she’s ready, she’ll place her hands on the floor in front of her. And then slowly dropping down on to her forearms she’ll set her foundation, keeping her forearms parallel to each other and her elbows shoulder width apart. Good. Now from here she can either draw her hands together interlace her fingers, or flatten her palms down on to the floor. Good. From there Brenna will draw her shoulder blades towards each other, soften her heart down in between her elbows, and take a deep breath into her kidneys, lifting the belly up slightly. Good. Keeping this long spine, she’ll curl her toes under and slowly lift her hips up to the sky extending the leg straight. Very nice. If she wishes she can walk her feet in slightly and extend her heels down to the floor. Good. Keeping the shoulder blades lifting up towards the hips and the heart softening down towards the ground. Dolphin Pose will take some tension out of the shoulders.



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