Presenting Garbha Sanskar and Yoga – गर्भे संस्कार व योगा which includes very useful information from Well Know Doctor Vaijanti Khanvilkar & Actress Ashwani Ekbote, Yoga Aasane, Mantras & Shloks & Other Information which is very helpful for the development and Relaxation of baby and Mother. May God bless you with healthy and safe pregnancy.
Content –
1. Garbha Sanskar – गर्भे संस्कार
2. Aasan – आसने
3. Shlok & Yoga – श्लोक – योगासने
4. Aahar – आहार
5. Ithar Mahiti – इतर माहिती
6. Doctors Marghadarshan – डॉक्टररांचे मारगदर्शन

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