New to yoga or have always wanted to start but just didn’t know how? In this video from Enlight Physical Therapy, Dr. Kristen, a practicing physical therapist & certified yoga instructor will guide you through 8 yoga poses to get you started with a yoga practice. Starting with downward facing dog and ending with a great stretch, the forward fold, these yoga poses can be worked into any flow.

You don’t need to be flexible to start yoga or even learn these eight poses. Flexibility, just like strength and endurance, come with time & practice. Practice each of theses poses at your own pace, and get down the technique before pushing yourself to stretch further or hold postures longer.

We hope you find this video beneficial & we wish you the best in starting out on your yoga journey. For more info on these 8 poses and detailed directions, visit our blog article here:

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Medical Disclaimer: Although our videos provide information to empower you to make the best decisions about your health & well-being, they are never intended to be a substitute for a visit with a healthcare professional. If you are experiencing any health issue, please seek the help & guidance of a certified & licensed healthcare practitioner in your area.

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