The Answer

The story and teachings of the great yoga master PARAMHANSA YOGANANDA come to life in 'The Answer' chronicling the powerful true story of an...

Morning Stretches for Pain and Stiffness

Invest a few minutes to stretch before you even get out of bed in the morning, your joints will thank you! source

Eye Wrinkles Massage. Exercises to remove eye wrinkles and fine lines

In this video we tell how to rejuvenate the face, show exercises for the eyes, massage from wrinkles near the eyes. How to remove...

Unisex Yoga Resistance Bands Natural latex Training Pull Rope For Sports...

Get a discount 48% from the normal price 0.56 for the item Unisex Yoga Resistance Bands Natural latex Training Pull Rope For Sports Pilates...

Favorite yoga pose sequence 1


Grip workout | Thick handle Indian club prototype #2

Mudgars, karlakattai... what's in a name, what style do you swing them? Basically, it comes down to geographical location. Thick grip handles are nothing...

Advance YOGA asanas with YOGAURMI / Yoga poses

URMI PANDYA- YOGA TEACHER Owner and Founder of URMI YOGA ACADEMY Classical dancer_Travel blogger_DM for Yoga classes, Workshops ... source

Hip Mobility & Control – Learn The Motions Of Your Hip!...

Start Fixin Yo' Self - #MoveU #FixYoShit #ComeBackStronger The hips don't lie! Y'all saw @Shakira and @JLO in the ... source

Advanced Individualization: The Overhead Pattern |

In this 2018 Personal Trainer Conference hands on presentation, Dr. John Rusin demonstrates how he screens and assesses the upper body and shoulder ... source