Suffering from tremors in hands?? losing balance when walking.?? Try these simple and best exercises for parkinson’s patients to get immediate relief from these symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson,s disease is a progressive nervous system disorder that affects movement. Nerve cells or neurons in the brain start to die due to low levels of Dopamine , a chemical messenger in the brain.

Symptoms start gradually starting with tremors in hands which slowly progresses to stiffness of body parts and slowing down of body movements. Daily activities become difficult to perform and there will be difficulty in balance, coordination movements are affected. which leads to difficulty in walking.

Many elderly people are suffering from parkinsons disease now a days. But the good news is , if you practice these SIMPLE and effective hand exercises in the initial stages of the disease you can relieve the tremors and other symptoms and can slow down the progress of disease. These EFFECTIVE YOGA EXERCISES will help you to give relief to the muscles and joints and help you to balance your movements.

Practice all these hand exercises for parkinson’s disease every day to relieve the tremors in the hands. Repeat these hand exercises for parkinson’s tremors in fingers and hands regularly.Do each hand and fingers exercise for 20 to 30 times daily for better results.

Balancing yoga poses will help you to focus mind and helps you to improve the coordination of muscles and movements of the body in parkinson’s patients. Hold each yoga stretch for 20 counts or 20 breaths and then relax for 2 minutes , repeat again depending on the severity of the condition.

This is best yoga exercise routine for elderly parkinson’s patients to do safely at home and treat the symptoms effectively and naturally.

In this video best yoga stretches are shown to help people suffering from parkinson’s disease , relieve their symptoms effectively at home.


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