Coming to Kegels exercise, it is a very important exercise in a females life. Females go through many things in life, most important is pregnancy, there is something called as the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor involves some muscles as well as urinary tract and because of the changes the lady undergoes, there is changes in the pelvic floor and because of the laxity of the pelvic floor, she may have problems with urinary control, one is called as urge incontinence. They will not be able to hold it. So may times the patients become obese, one more thing the women passes through is reproduction, there is a perennial outlet that where the baby comes out, there is laxity of the pelvic floor and there is so many problems for the patient. Most important thong is inability to control defecation and urination and they are not able to control it as they were dong in younger days. So we do advise them to advise them to do Kegels exercise.

Dr. H S Chandrika
Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
Charma Chirag Hospital J P Nagar Phase 2 Bangalore
Appointment booking number: 9110865951



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