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In this new Yoga Tutorial, I am showing you some Yin Yoga Poses.

As per the ancient Chinese agrarian society, the Yin and Yang and the 5 Elements were fundamentally related to the natural science (the seasons and the human body). Every human body has channels that need to be kept free of blockages in order to allow for the free flow of prana (energy/life force) to lead a healthy life. These channels are called meridians and in Yin Yang Style they are referred to as Qi. It is believed, where there is Yin (energy flow up the body), there is Yang (energy flow down the body).

The yin yoga sequence here follows the movements of the energy through the various channels as each yoga pose represents a particular element (water, wood, fire, metal, and earth). Each of these elements have a direct relation to the organs in the human body.

So, through regular practice of the following Asanas, we will unblock our energy channels and make the Prana Energy in our body flow again.

Be patient, keep on practicing, be kind to yourself and most importantly listen to your body.

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