Working with limitations can be a really good way to help you explore and dig deep into how you solo over a chord progression. The Solo Exercise that I am going to show you works great as a few different levels of practicing and will help you develop:
– Fretboard Overview
– Develop New Great Material
– Making It Impossible To Rely on Habits

I am going to apply this to the song Ladybird in the video, but I actually also used to practice this with a single pentatonic scale, and you can also change the way you approach it so that it fits you.

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Amazing Little Solo Exercise That You Don’t Want To Miss

0:00 Intro
0:45 What The Exercise will help you develop
1:11 How I am demonstrating it and the song it is used on
1:54 Reducing the Scale and finding Arpeggios
2:25 Thoughts on how this depends on how you work
2:52 Getting started – How to make new lines
3:24 Improvising over a chorus slowly
4:19 Chorus with a backing track – only arpeggios
4:51 Improve your Fretboard knowledge and develop new licks
5:29 Adding the rest – Chorus with Scales, Arpeggios etc.
6:07 Learn how to play strong melodies in your solos
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