Acro yoga for beginner basic position Foot to Shin is accesible to beginners. Learn how to do acro yoga poses and conditioning practices as we learn how to fly! An acro yoga tutorial to learn at home!

I began practicing with YouTube years ago, and with the help of teachers I grew my practice enough to become a certified level two teacher with Acroyoga international. Here I hope to plant more seeds for more practitioners in the world to grow inspiration. I have also studied with van city acro and partner acrobatics. Acro yoga is addicting, be careful.

Acroyoga combines yoga, thai massage, and acrobatics. Accesible to all people! Acro yoga brings fun and a sense of accomplishment when we reach new heights and learn to trust one another.

This video is in a series to teach you how to do your first acro yoga flow.

Filmed in Tamraght Morocco at Nice Base, thanks for hosting us!



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