7 Simple Core Exercises That Prevent Lower BACK PAIN

Intro: 00:00
Move #1 Pelvic Tilt Leg Glides: 00:38
Move #2 Stability Press: 1:50
Move #3 Side Clams: 3:37
Move #4 Glute Bride With Rocks: 5:21
Move #5 Single Leg Reverse Hyper 7:01
Move #6 Reverse Crunch Roll 7:49
Move #7 Plange Plank: 9:13
Outro: 10:37

Often when we have aches and pains we assume an areas is weak and in need of strengthening.

But often the issue is actually that an area is being OVERLOADED because of compensations, immobility and imbalances.

Other muscles aren’t working as efficiently as they should be or we even have immobility or instability at joints causing overload of muscles.

This is often the case when it comes to lower back pain.

All too often the muscles of our lower back are being overworked due to a lack of spinal or hip mobility as well as weak abs, obliques and glutes especially.

That’s why today I want to share 7 amazing core moves to help you strengthen your abs and glutes to avoid lower back aches and pains.

I’ve included simple but effective moves for every level!



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