However, there is a way of increasing the bust size naturally which many women are unaware of. Yoga can help you increase your breast size.

Read This Description :
1. Bhujangasana as known as Cobra pose – It is one pose that can help you increase breast size that means it helps you make your chest muscles to be strengthened, which gives excellent results in a short span of time. This also improves blood circulation and reduces fatigue and stress.

How to :

Down flat on your stomach, let your legs and feel rested in a solid state position
Place your palm on the floor beside your shoulder, here your elbows should point on the back of yours.
Relax your body and now raise up your part of the body including shoulders, neck, and head. Also, make sure the forearms are perpendicular to the floor.
When you reach the highest point that your body will go slowly tilt your head upward to the ceiling and hold up there for a moment.
Get back slowly to start position.
Repeat 4-5 times.

Precautions :

Do not practice this exercise during pregnancy.
Reduce weight fast.

2. Gomukhasana as known as Cow pose – It is one of the most effective yogasanas for increasing the breast size as this one is the chest muscle building easily and flexibility increases with this pose.

How to :

Sit in a half yoga pose and make your legs fully extended.
Now bend your left knee, and bring your left heel up toward your right hip.
Bend your right knee and use your hands to pull your right leg up and over your left thigh.
Make sure that both knees are aligned together in a parallel format. They must sit on one another.
Once this knee settlement is over, now move your hands in the backward direction.
Raise your left hand above the shoulder, tilt towards the back, and on the other hand, move your right hand beside your waist and try to join both the hands together at back.
Curl your figures to lock up your hands.
Hold up there for 20-30 seconds.
Repeat the procedure and for 4-5 times.

Precautions :

Avoid the pose if you are suffering from any knee injury.
Pregnant women should not follow the pose.
Heavyweight people should also avoid it, as this may be hard for them to balance during the exercise.

3. Ustrasana as known as the camel pose – It is another exercise effective for enlargement of bust size.

How to :

Sit on your knees and bend backward, trying to hold both the ankles with both the hands.
Try lifting buttocks to make an arch shape and drop head back in the downward direction.
Hold there for a couple of seconds and get back slowly towards the starting position.
Repeat this yoga exercise 4-5 times daily to get the most benefit from it.

Precautions :

Pregnant women should not attempt this pose, neither any heavyweight person.

4. Vrikshasana (Stabdhasana) – This yoga exercise will provide you with a number of different chest expansion benefits that will lead to increase in cup size. Vrikshasana (Stabdhasana) is performed in the listed below steps.

How to :

Stand straight and bend your elbows in the Namaskar position.
Now before joining hands, imagine there’s an imaginary object between your hand and you to compress it with all your efforts.
Push both your hands with all your efforts and compress the imaginary object, remember your focus should be on the distance between both the hands.
Repeat it 4-5 times in a day, You may increase the duration for faster result.

Precautions :

Muscle pulling can be injurious to the people who suffer from.
Reduce weight fast.

5. Increase Breast Size Naturally with Dwikonasana

Dwikonasana is also known as “Double Angle Pose” because when you follow the steps your body forms twin angles. This asana gives an enormous stretch to the chest and promotes muscle tissues for growth. As the breast tissues become longer and thicker it results in the more firm breast with appealing size on which you can proud of.

In this pose, you will have to look towards your breathing process. When you will bend down in the process, inhale air. Hold the breath in final position and then exhale while standing back.

How to do Double Angle Pose to Enlarge Breast Naturally?

Step by Step Instructions for Dwikonasana:

Stand straight and take 2 deep breaths then bring your hand back and interlock your fingers.
Now slowly flip your interlocked fingers, make sure you don’t strain your wrist.
Slowly bent down your upper body and don’t move any part from your waist.
Simultaneously move your interlocked hand upwards as much as possible without straining your muscles.
Stay in this final position for 10 seconds and then come back to normal standing posture.
Repeat this 10 times to get fuller breast naturally.

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