Set yourself free by healing from sexual abuse and stored womb wounding. Here are the common impacts of sexual abuse that blinds us from seeing the power of our sexual identity when we don’t heal our sexual trauma. This is equally important for men and women who are sufferers of sexual abuse.

💥Impacts of Unhealed Sexual Trauma

1#: Being sexual is wrong or dirty because we associate this with past memories of abuse and the porn industry. Our sacral chakra is blocked which hinders our creative flow, birthing new ideas and projects as well as feeling alive with passion in our sexuality.

2#: Disconnected from our womb. See it as a flaw or a weakness because it’s the site where we’ve been attacked therefore having a womb isn’t a part of us that we wish to embody. There being feminine and sensual as a woman or masculine for a man is perceived as a calling for abuse.

3#: Highly self-conscious of our body image due to the feelings of low self-esteem and low self-worth. Difficulty in showing up fully as your highest self.

🌟Immediate Healing Benefits of Yoni Eggs and Wands

1#: Letting go of stuck and stale energy in the womb making it ideal to release sexual trauma

2#: Increase blood flow therefore increase nerve endings and blood flow in the womb to elevate libido levels

3#: Support youthfulness, vitality, wellness and sexuality

4#: BPA free and toxic free – Doesn’t desensitize the womb like plastic sex toys and vibrators do which can cause cancer and infertility

5#: Each yoni egg and wand hold different healing properties dependent on what you need e.g rose quartz yoni egg or wand helps to induce self-love and compassion as well as letting go of insecurities and jealously whereas Amethyst yoni egg or wand is used to breakfree from addictions and strengthen your connection to your intuition and third eye


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